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I was born in 1941 and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. I joined the Navy in 1959. Went to bootcamp in SanDiego. I graduated from Aviation "A" School Jax, FL (E-3) in 1960. I was stationed at NAS Alameda in 1961 (E-4) and was recruited into the EOD Program by AOCM Jim Tucker in 1961. I graduated EOD School in 1962 (E-5). I was Stationed at EODU-1 NAD West Loch, HI from 1961 to 1965 (E-6) with LT Dick Dunbar as OIC. I transferred to the Naval Air Reserves in 1965 and started college at the UofU in Salt Lake City, UT. I moved back to Alameda, CA in 1967 and got married in 1968. I was working and attending Chobot College and was called back to active duty with VA-873 a Navy Reserve Squadron, when the USS Pueblo was captured in 1968. I went EOD Refresher in 1968 and then assigned to EODMU-1 1969-71 (E-7/CWO1) in Hawaii (3 TAD tours in Vietnam). I went to EOD Refresher in 1972 and was then assigned to EODTEU-1 from 1971-73 (E-8/CWO2). Then back to EODMU-1 1973-74. (Operation EndSweep). EOD Refresher 1974. Then OIC EOD Det Subic from 1975-77 (E-9/CWO3. Then OIC EOD Det Alameda 1977-79 (E-9/CWO4/LDO). I ended my career at NAS Alameda 1979-82 as the base DPP Officer-in-Charge and then retired as CWO4. I moved back to Salt Lake City, UT where I still reside for the past 40 years. I was in the printing and Book Publishing business with over 700 authors and several print shops. I have studied "Alkalinity" since 2002 and now I am an "Alkalarian". I took a sabbatical from 2007 to 2011 and I survived a massive Heart Attack in 2009. I am currently in the Heart Attack Prevention business. I have a book coming out, I am applying for a TEDx talk and I teach how to become an Alkalarian. I plan on passing-the-bar at a very old age but with a very young body. I look forward to associating with the new breed of EOD Warriors and any of the old EOD Divers that can get up each morning and keep moving until the sun goes down.


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