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NEODA Chapters

The Chapters are the Backbone of the Association

Chapters within the Navy EOD Association operate as independent entities, yet they are deeply rooted in the Association's mission and values. With the full support of the Association's Board of Directors, these dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to foster camaraderie, honor service, and promote the principles of the Association.

These volunteers, driven by their belief in the importance of fraternity and connection among veterans, actively organize events and activities that align with the Association's mission statement. Their commitment to bringing members together strengthens the bonds forged in service and ensures that the spirit of camaraderie continues long after military service ends.

Through their efforts, chapters serve as pillars of support, offering a sense of belonging and community to all who have served in Navy EOD. They exemplify the ethos of the Association, embodying its values of service, camaraderie, and honor.

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What Defines the Chapter?

The Navy EOD Association Chapters serves as a nexus for veterans to share their stories, reconnect with old friends, and forge new connections through their shared experiences. Each chapter is a repository of countless tales of bravery, sacrifice, and camaraderie, woven into the fabric of the association's foundation.

Visiting these chapters is more than just a journey—it's an adventure into the heart of naval history, where the bonds of friendship and service endure. Whether it's locating a long-lost comrade or exploring uncharted territories with familiar faces, the chapters offer a haven for veterans to reminisce, laugh, and support one another.

So, to all veterans and supporters of the Navy EOD Association, come and join the adventure. Find your Chapter and join, where every story is honored, every friendship cherished, and every visit an opportunity to create new memories.

Meet The Chapters

Dave Carol

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Director, NEODA Hawaiian Islands Chapter

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